Our Focus

At The Door People, we specialise in Industrial Roller Doors, know the importance of Industrial Roller Doors and ensure that all problems related to these products, service and maintenance is tackled with efficiency and settled on time. An Industrial Roller Shutter is simply an Industrial Roller Door created with slats that are separable, making the Industrial Roller Door stronger and all repairs performed with ease. Roller shutters enable The Door People to repair doors in the shortest possible amount of time.

At The Door People, we have discovered that our customers have been far more pleased with the decision to buy a new Industrial Roller Shutter from us, to replace their old and worn out Industrial Roller Doors as it makes a lot more sense in the long run. The Door People’s Industrial Roller Shutter is a unique product that is far more durable, secure and strong than any Industrial Roller Door.

The Door People is a locally owned and operated business with over 25 years of experience. Our aim at The Door People is to provide our customers with accurate information regarding their Industrial Roller Door and Industrial Roller Shutter issues so that they can choose for the one that best suits their needs. We have a wide range of product and services available. It’s our constant endeavor to fulfil our clients’ requirements and provide them with a remedy to meet their need.

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