About Us

About Us

Family Owned, Family Values

The Door People is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience. Our aim at The Door People is to provide our customers with accurate information regarding their Industrial Roller Door and Industrial Roller Shutter Door issues so that they can make an informed choice as to what best suits their needs. We have a wide range of product and services available. It is our aim to fulfil our customers needs and provide them with a remedy to meet their requirements.

Our Industrial Roller Shutters and doors are the very best featured items in the industry. As a result of our extensive experience, we can provide you with any solution you may need in this regard. The roller doors and shutters we supply are manufactured according to our client’s requirements. All our products are designed and developed to ensure protection and smooth operation in all sorts of weather conditions. If you take care of their maintenance, they would sure serve you for long.

To ensure guaranteed results we pass each of our products through extensive screening. For your peace of mind, all our services match the spending plan of our clients. Whether you call for a brand-new door setup, repairing the existing one, or need replacement, we have a range of solutions to match your needs.

Experienced, Reliable, Experts

At The Door People, we specialise in the manufacture and installation of Industrial Roller Shutter Doors, Shop Doors, and Commercial Roller Shutter Doors. We understand the importance of the doors on your workshop, warehouse or shop, and can ensure that all problems related to these products, including installation, service and maintenance, is tackled with efficiency and settled in a timely manner.

Some people are unaware of the difference between an Industrial Roller Shutter Door and an Industrial Roller Door. An Industrial Roller Shutter is simply an Industrial Roller Door created with individual slats, made from stronger material than in industrial roller door, making the product much stronger and therefore less chance of the door blowing out of the tracks in high winds, and much more difficult to break into, therefore enhancing your security. They also make repairs easier as slats can be replaced if damaged, rather than the entire door requiring replacement.

At The Door People, we have discovered that our customers have been far more pleased with the decision to buy a new Industrial Roller Shutter Door from us, rather than an Industrial Roller Door, as it makes a lot more sense in the long run. The Door People’s Industrial Roller Shutter Door is a unique product that is far more durable, secure and strong than any Industrial Roller Door.